Drum Line WGI Fresno

Post date: Mar 6, 2015 12:22:53 AM

This Saturday is the WGI drum line competition at Clovis North. The Itinerary is as follows

7:00 Rehearsal in Cafeteria

10:00 Load Truck

10:30 Load Vans and Head to Clovis North

11:30 Stop for Food

12:00 Continue to Clovis North

1:00 Arrive and Unload Truck

1:30 Warm Up, and Rehearse

3:45 Head to Performance

4:10 Perform

4:35 Load Truck

5:30 Return to gym and watch World Class Performances

7:02 Awards

7:30 Load Vans to return Home

9:45 Arrive at home

Food is not provided for this trip. It is STRONGLY SUGGESTED that students bring food, or money for food!