Band Work Day

Post date: Sep 7, 2012 4:06:07 PM

Our first Booster work day will be this Saturday, Sept. 8th, starting at 7 am, or as soon after that as possible. We will be doing the following chores:

1) Unloading items stored in Dottie and transferring them to Danny. Nothing but a couple of pickups and muscles required.

2) Replacing hardware and remounting shelves, and otherwise restructuring storage space inside Dottie. We will have the needed hardware and materials, but need both heavy lifters and tools for some woodworking (standard hand and basic power tools, drill, portable power saw).

3) Designing and, if time permits, at least starting a new portable hat rack for the shakos that can be easily loaded and is relatively compact. The above tools are needed, plus design ideas for brainstorming.

4) Designing and possibly beginning to build aluminum frames for show props. For this we need someone who knows how to cut and weld aluminum and has the necessary tools for it.

5) We will also be Hemming uniforms (for those that can help with sewing) . We can also use some help just getting them ready to hem (pinning the pants so we can hem them) for those that do not sew.

We have plenty of things to do, from lifting and hauling to jobs needing good carpenters and metalworkers. The more people we have working on these projects, the sooner they will be completed.

Thank you in advance for your support and GO DRILLER BAND!!!