The Bakersfield High School Instrumental Music program has history. Over 120 years of history! Beginning as Kern County High School in 1893 and changing its name to Bakersfield High School in 1953, there have been many students in Kern County touched by our program. There aren't that many high school music programs in the State of California with that kind of tradition.

KCHS and BHS are proud of the fact that thousands of students over the years have continued on to college and beyond with their musical endeavors. We have professional educator musicians working at elementary, junior and senior high schools, community colleges, state colleges and universities all over the country. Equally impressive, there professional performance musicians working for various record labels, community musical organizations, national touring companies, symphony orchestras and on the road with major musical stars. All of these outstanding people have been influenced by their high school music director and others... just as you have!

The following is a list of directors and their years of service to our school. We thank them for serving the musical needs of our students and carrying on our musical heritage. If you know of others and their time of service, please email the webmaster with your information. We'd love to hear from you!



Groups Directed

1893 - 1902 (unknown at this time)
1902 - 1909 George W. Taylor All music classes.
1909 - 1916 Mr. Cross All music classes.
1916 - 1921 Theodore Hand All music classes.



1921 - 1956 Harold Burt 1921 - 1946 Harold Burt
1956 - 1966 Raymond Van Diest 1946 - 1979 Wesley Moore
1966 - 1971 John Koshak 1979 - 1981 Lloyd Shires
1971 - 1983 Archie Rader, Jr. 1981 - 1983 Paul Hoagland
1983 - 2002 John Briscoe 1983 - 1990 John Briscoe
2002 - 2005 Mark McGuire 1990 - 2005 Mark McGuire
2005 - 2008 Tony Moreno 2005 - 2008 Tony Moreno
2008 - 2016 Randy Bennett 2008 - 2016 Randy Bennett
 2016 - Present Randy Bennett & John Salter 2016 - Present Randy Bennett & John Salter