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Festival at Stockdale High School

posted Mar 23, 2015, 6:42 AM by Randy Bennett
Wednesday March 25th is our upcoming Ratings Festival. The itinerary is as follows
7:25 AMAllBus Leaves to Stockdale
7:35 AMWind GroupsIn Auditorium With Judge Sheets
7:35 AMOrchestraUnpack Instruments
7:45 AMOrchestraWarm Up
8:10 AMOrchestraTo Stage
8:20 AMOrchestraPerformance
8:45 AMOrchestraSight Reading
9:10 AMOrchestraPut Away Instruments, Return to Auditorium
10:00 AMAllLoad Buses for Lunch
10:10 AMAllArrive at Marketplace, Lunch on Own
12:00 PMAllLoad Buses to Return to Stockdale
12:15 PMSymphonic BandUnpack Instruments
12:25 PMSymphonic BandWarm Up
12:50 PMSymphonic BandTo Stage
1:00 PMSymphonic BandPerformance
1:25 PMSymphonic BandSight Reading
1:50 PMSymphonic BandPut Away Instruments
1:55 PMWind EnsembleUnpack Instruments
2:05 PMWind EnsembleWarm Up
2:30 PMWind EnsembleTo Stage
2:40 PMWind EnsemblePerformance
3:05 PMWind EnsembleSight Reading
3:30 PMWind EnsemblePut Away Instruments
3:45 PMAllLeave for BHS
4:10 PMAllArrive at BHS
All students will come to school in concert attire, and wear for the duration of the trip. Any student not properly attired, will not be allowed on the bus at performance cost to their grade.